History of the Adolph Store

We purchased the Adolph Store in 2001 to secure an income for ourselves and our children. The Adolph Store has always been a family owned business which is involved in our surrounding community, and we intend to keep it as such. We had just one store, but as time has gone on, we decided to start enlarging the business to meet the demands of our growing customer base.

Over the years we have found that we have become stewards of this industry and are one of the largest employers in the area. We are able to offer full time positions at living wages, part time positions, and less than part time to students, seniors, or people just wanting to supplement their incomes.

As of 2014, we have added a USDA production plant and two more retail stores to our expanded business, which allows us to employ many more people.

USDA Production Plant:

We purchased this plant in 2010, because we had run out of room for producing our expanding product line at our Adolph location. This plant opened up the opportunity for us to expand our sausage line and to produce our products under Federal inspection so we could begin selling them at different locations throughout our area and to allow us to start a shipping business in the near future. Since purchasing this plant, we have been able to greatly enlarge our meat counter, sausage, and smoke sticks business. We are also able to employ many more people.

History of Stokke's Lakewood One Stop

When this opportunity came along in 2011, we saw it as a way to get our entire product line to the opposite end of the city. This also made it easier for our customers who hunt or have lake cabins up north to get their products quickly, without having to drive miles out of their way to our Adolph location. Opening our Lakewood store has given us the needed experience to go on to our next expansion project and made it possible to add several more employees in various positions.

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