It's our 16th Anniversary Sale! Celebrating 16 years at Adolph Store!

Stokke's Meat Market

Stokke's Meat Market

The Adolph Store was the first store acquired by the the Stokke Family in 2001

The Adolph Store is the hub for the businesses with 1other locations in the Duluth area. Lakeside.

The Adolph Store originally opened in as a local market in 1892 & has been locally owned and operated ever since. Since 2001 The Stokke Family takes great pride in the quality meats available not only at The Adolph Store, but all 3 locations. Adolph provides the community with a gas station, convenience store with groceries and a full service Meat counter. Quality, Fresh cut meats, a huge variety of Brats, burgers, chicken wings, chicken breasts, steaks, pork chops, roasts, potato sausage, and many specialty items!

We have a very friendly, helpful staff to provide our community with everything needed to have a successful BBQ, special event or family meal.

Stock the freezer with sale items or stop in daily for fresh meats for every meal.