Stokke's Liquor Store

After years of thought & planning we have expanded and added a 2400 square foot Liquor Store at the Adolph Location. The new liquor store is next door to the meat market to add to the convenience of the location. We have a great selection of Beer, Wine and Spirits! We have a Huge Walk-In Beer Cooler to keep all of the beer at a very cool 32 degrees! 

We have a broad selection of wine & liquor. If you are looking for something, just ask, we will get it for you if we don't already have it. We will help you plan for big events as well as a small backyard BBQ event. No event is too big or too small, we can help you order to ensure everyone has a good time!

We have local beer distributors coming in to share samples of a variety of craft beer. Featuring local breweries, Minnesota based breweries, & more! For any questions regarding craft beer tastings, please call for more details.


We take pride in stocking our shelves with a wide selection of wine, beers, and spirits; from tried-and-true classics to "cult-followed" and hard-to-find beverages.

Our team is made up of knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the service and beverage industries who constantly strive to be on top of their craft. Next time you're in our neighborhood, swing on by and let us find the beverage that's right for you!

3706 Midway Rd., Hermantown, MN | (218) 624-2935