Get your fill at Stokke's Meat Market in Duluth and Hermantown

If you've been searching for a superior meat market in the area, look no further than ' Meat Market. We take pride in carrying the freshest meat of the highest quality. Each of our stores is personalized to the area, offering residents a chance to step back in time to a traditional butcher shop. 

When you want delicious chicken, beef, sausage and other quality products, come to Stokke's Meat Market in Duluth and Hermantown. Swing by our shop today to view our selection of products - you won't regret making us your meat market of choice.


The Adolph Store was the first store acquired by the Stokke family in 2001, and is the hub for the businesses with 2 other locations in the Duluth area in Proctor & Lakeside. 

The Adolph Store originally opened in as a local market in 1892 & has been locally owned and operated ever since. Since 2001 The Stokke Family takes great pride in the quality meats available not only at The Adolph Store, but all 3 locations. Adolph provides the community with a gas station, convenience store with groceries and a full service Meat counter. Quality, Fresh cut meats, a huge variety of Brats, burgers, chicken wings, chicken breasts, steaks, pork chops, roasts, potato sausage, and many specialty items!

3710 Midway Rd. | (218) 624-9680


When this opportunity came along in 2011, we saw it as a way to get our entire product line to the opposite end of the city. This also made it easier for our customers who hunt or have lake cabins up north to get their products quickly, without having to drive miles out of their way to our Adolph location.

Opening our Lakewood store has given us the needed experience to go on to our next expansion project and made it possible to add several more employees in various positions.

4942 Jean Duluth Rd. | (218) 525-4795


We take pride in stocking our shelves with a wide selection of wine, beers, and spirits; from tried-and-true classics to "cult-followed" and hard-to-find beverages.

Our team is made up of knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the service and beverage industries who constantly strive to be on top of their craft. Next time you're in our neighborhood, swing on by and let us find the beverage that's right for you!

3706 Midway Rd., Hermantown, MN | (218) 624-2935